Welcome to Equity in Theatre


Women artists not only recieve less funding overall, but less press coverage and 'visibility' in online databases. What can we do? Plan a Hackathon!
A Hackathon is an event where a group of people come together and ‘hack’ the internet. Every year for International Women’s Day (March 8th) EIT plans a national Hackathon aiming to increase the amount of information on Canadian women in theatre online. For three hours, theatre companies and practitioners will join forces to add online pages to wiki sites on diverse women in the Canadian theatre industry.
Some Do’s & Don’ts
DO be sure to cite all information and reference where you have gathered information from.
DON’T just copy and paste information from one site to another without quoting the text
DO aim to add one (maybe even two!) pages online. These contributions take time and effort, quality not quantity!
DON’T quickly add entries that are only 1-2 sentences
DO add artists and theatre practitioners you know and are familiar with
DON’T create your own wikipage (have a friend do it for you!)
DO let us know what you have contributed and how you have made a difference!
DO spread the Word
DO contact us with any inquiries
And don’t forget this is a collaborative effort!
Have fun!